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Why you should choose FASCOR
Proven brand trusted by the security, automotive, electrical, and many other industries locally in South Africa and Internationally
With Fascor you have peace of mind – it pays to make sure you are using quality products. Fascor always ensures your job is easier and safer.
All Fascor products are tested, and then tested again to strict quality control and performance measures. Our tools carry a 10 year factory backed warranty.
Your Fascor purchase is an investment
Dedicated sales team and full factory backed technical assistance.
Over 30 years manufacturing experience.
Our diverse range of products can be found in cooking pots in South Africa to nuclear power plants in the U.K., and motor vehicles in Australia.
ISO 9001 with SPC and other data available on demand.
Exceptional quality and performance record
... and above all else ... peace of mind.
Purpose designed cold forged fasteners and specially engineered parts for all industries.

3340+ part numbers
SAE 1065 single and double coil spring washer for high demand applications.

160+ part numbers
Formed wire products, from SABS spilt pins to Eskom approved stainless steel W-clips.
250+ part numbers
Inexpensive, versatile & vibration resistant fasteners for more reliable, long lasting assembly.

920+ part numbers
Fascor Special Cold Headed Components & Solid Rivet Solutions
If your company needs a fastening solution, or is currently using expensive CNC/auto turned components, we could be cold heading them cost effectively.. for you!

Fascor's Capabilities:

  • Solid, part and fully tubular rivets/components
  • Rivet / Component diameters from 0,5 - 20 mm
  • Rivet / Component lengths from 1 - 270 mm
  • 0,01 mm tolerances on diameters
  • Material; copper, brass, steel, stainless steel & aluminium
  • Our plating plant, zinc, nickle, brass, copper

Production Solutions

Apart from the 3000 types of solid rivets Fascor list, Fascor also sell and support a range of robust rivet setting machines and hand tools that offer excellent service ability. All tooling requirements are met by Fascor's Engineering & Product Development Department.

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